Italian Exclusive Properties was founded as a prestigious showcase for the most exclusive properties in Italy, carefully selected to satisfy all the demands and meet all the requirements of our clients looking for unique properties that represent excellence in Italian real estate. This often leads to interface with clients from all over the world, attracted by the charm of Italian style. To facilitate communication with our customers, the website is translated into English and German, in addition to the possibility of using Russians, French and Chinese interpreters.


The service offered by Italian Exclusive Properties is designed to present our clients’ properties, enhancing their features and qualities, with full respect for reality. Our professional photographers, specializing in real estate, produce the highest quality images, both internal and aerial, to capture the exclusivity of the contexts in which the properties are immersed, enhancing their quality and attention to detail. The photo slide show, along with an accurate and trusted description, aims to arouse excitement and interest in potential buyers, conveying exclusivity and relaxation. We also employ professional videographers, capable of both indoor and outdoor telephoto shots, either aerial or with drones, to allow a virtual tour of buildings, projecting the client into the size and of the property, as if he or she were already living there.



Real estate assessment is a fundamental tool, as it represents the first step of every transaction. Its purpose is to identify a specific property’s real selling price. To make a correct property estimate, we must be aware of some fundamental elements. These data are retrieved through the property inspection, verifying the property’s general condition, the presence of elements that enhance the property by increasing its evaluation, the context in which it is located and its consistency with land registry records. The second phase is dedicated to the precise calculation of the main building’s surfaces and all its appurtenances and annexes and to the comparison of the property with buildings with similar characteristics already for sale in the same geographical area. The last phase is the preparation of the real estate appraisal and presentation of the marketing plan containing the sales strategies designed specifically for the individual property.



Italian Exclusive Properties, through its activities, has initiated important international collaborations with highly professional colleagues and qualified companies. This allows us to reach potential customers all over the world to whom we can submit our portfolio, remaining the owner's sole contact.



To guarantee to our customers the best possible care at every stage of the negotiation, from the commitment to the transfer of ownership, Italian Exclusive Properties offers its clients the full experience of a team of legal and tax professionals, from the notary to the lawyer, with the support of professional interpreters, critical to ensuring maximum clarity and transparency during the sale.


Italian Exclusive Properties, in synergy with our team of architects and interior designer, offers its customers the opportunity to unleash their imagination, allowing them to express their style. Each room can be shaped and molded in the details, ensuring complete customization, from internal structural changes to external restyling.


This service offers our clients the possibility, upon definition of the search parameters, such as the type of property, size, location, features and budget, to instruct Italian Exclusive Properties to identify prestigious historical properties on the Italian territory, guaranteeing absolute discretion and confidentiality.