The Portfolio of Italian Exclusive Properties

Properties For Sale:      11
Total Value: 72,10 Millions
Average Value:  6,55 Millions
Up to 1M:       2
From 1M to 2,5M:        4
From 2,5M to 5M:        2
From 5M to 10M:       2
Over 10M:       1


Italian Exclusive Properties was born from a passion for architecture, esthetics and design. The proposed properties best represent the Italian lifestyle, an expression of charm and exclusivity around the world, and cater to a clientele looking for unique and exciting properties.

The properties have been carefully selected to suit all needs and wishes. They are located throughout the Italian territory, diversifying among properties rich in history and those of modern design, all united by the presence of unique features, whether historical, architectural, or due to their landscape, with great attention to detail and the highest quality and living standards.

“The house should be the treasure chest of living”

Le Corbusier